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Sources: NCHS, 2000c; MboH, 2000

US65: US population 65-74 years old; US75: US population 75-84 years old; US85: US population 85 years and older; ME65: Maine population 65-74 years old; ME75: US population 75-84 years old; ME85: Maine population 85 years and older.

Over the past twenty years, age specific death rates for pneumonia and influenza have increased in the older adult populations (65+ years), and decreased in the childhood population (0-14 years), and have remained relatively constant in other population subgroups. The national data indicate a significant rise in the age specific pneumonia and influenza death rates among people 85 years and older. In general, the Maine estimates have been at or below the national levels, as would be expected from comparison with the age adjusted rates.