Eulogy to Ian Sinclair

by Greg Beattie, July, 2007

Originally published by Magda Taylor in “The Informed Parent” July 2007 newsletter.

Ian Sinclair, author of three books and a well-known speaker, passed away peacefully on the 23rd April, 2007 at home in Brisbane, Australia in the company of his son Robbie Jay, ex-wife Wannathip and myself.  He was 53 years of age. His books, Vaccination – the Hidden Facts, You Can Overcome Asthma and Health – the Only Immunity drew praise and ignited controversy the world over.

The books inspired by his own life, offered a simple insight into a health philosophy encouraging us to take charge of our own heath and not be dependent on drugs, vaccines, procedures and practitioners.  His colourful personality and abundant energy ensured he was remembered wherever he spoke as a vibrant, spirited larrikin.

I first met Ian in 1994 when he was traveling the east coast of Australia. He was speaking in every major town along the way. I was involved in a battle with my local government at the time concerning my children not being allowed into a childcare facility when Ian arrived in my home town on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  When I asked his advice on how to fight for our rights he simply referred to the bible and said, 'Love thy enemy'.

Were friends ever since and for the last six years of his life, when he and Robbie took up permanent residence in Queensland, I was fortunate enough to have him as a close friend, and neighbor and confidante. No matter what the issue, Ian would always have an enlightening angle from which to view it.

Ian's life seemed dominated by paradoxes. He was a loner and deeply loved his home space yet he spent much of his life traveling, drifting, speaking to groups, giving interviews etc. Similarly, his clear blue eyes, radiant energy and vigorous fitness regime belied the fact that much of his younger life was immersed in chronic ill health.

He will be remembered fondly as a clear thinker and lovable larrikin. ~ Greg Beattie, July, 2007

Greg Beattie is author of Vaccination- A Parent's Dilemma.

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